Marriage and sex problems occur often in a long-term relationship and, in most unfortunate cases, can end a marriage if necessary attention isn’t paid at the right time. Lack of communications and a busy work schedule are the main causes of problems in a marriage, but there are also other reasons that aggravate this issue.

Marriage And Sex Problems

Marriage And Sex Problems

Dealing with problems when they occur is very helpful in avoiding divorce or cheating. Discussions about marriage and sex issues within the couple are vital when it comes to understating what are the elements that are missing so the relationship can be a healthy and enjoyable one. Lack of sexual intercourse due to reasons like headaches, lack of passion and tiredness can turn a romantic marriage into a lifeless one.

When it comes to sex and marriage, the career is the main source of problems. The race towards advancing professionally can inhibit sex life and couples find themselves neglecting sexual activities and intimate moments. Sexual problems in a marriage, especially for a couple that has children, can also be caused by financial responsibilities. Partners are to kin on fulfilling their children wishes and they forget to save a little time for themselves and their intimacy. This leads to a decreased level of intercourse which makes the partners feel like their love has faded away. Some health problems that come with age such as erectile dysfunction, arthritis or cardiovascular diseases can also reduce the level of sexual activities.

Low sexual libido, anger, tiredness, childbirth, infidelity, boredom, medications and depression can all lead to marital problems. Specialists have discovered that 15% of married couples didn’t have intercourse with their spouse in the last year. When partners stop laughing, stop showing that they want, desire and appreciate each other and when they stop making eye contact, the bond that they have will slowly begin to dissipate, leading, in worst case scenario, to a divorce.

Couples who have a low sex marriage usually have sexual intercourse or any kind of sexual, romantic activity one or two times a month. They think of sex as a chore and they only practice it when it has been previously scheduled. Partners with a low sexual appetite also don’t feel the need to be intimate after intercourse and they don’t express their sexual fantasies. All senses of adventure or spontaneity have faded away and the need to get naughty in the bedroom or play sexual games is minimal.

Sexual problems in a marriage can lead to sexual frustration because each partner’s needs aren’t satisfied. While for some people, the idea of a sexless marriage can sound like a good bargain, for other couples, lack of sex is unthinkable. Marriages that stand up for many years can reach a certain point where passion fades out, sex becomes dreadful and is often faked, leading to numerous marriage and sex problems.

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